Tuesday, September 15, 2020

TWTWB chapter 17

 Tommorow when the war began

questions ( chapter 17 ) -

Q1 - because Ellie already feels guilty about the other laws

Q2 - to make things alot more quieter so not many people know about it in bigger groups, alos to make as less of a drama as possible

Q3 - 2 of the people died due to the lawn mower bomb and ellie felt guilty after doing it.

Q4 - They are cleaning up the lands and trying to take them for themelve

Q5 - They had better guns and sticked together in smalled groups then the soldiers did 

Q6 - There thinking and problem solving has become alot better then from when they first starter and picking up on the soldiers tedhniques

Q7 - She couldnt picture fi killing and hurting other people she saw her being to nice and fragile to do that

Q8 - putting alot at risk for the wellbeing of the ones you care about

Q9 - The tanker had no breaks in it and there was a patrol approaching them so they had to think a lot quicker. 

1 - John Marsden is a 69 year old ( born on the 27th of September ) Austrailian book writer and school princaple. He wrote the book ´Tommorow, when the war began´. He was inspired to write this book after he had watched an ANZAC day march. He wrote it as a way to show respect to the sacrafices that has been made by past generations.

2 - Write the meanings of words

- manslaughter - killing someone and not getting the full blame like not going to prison

- aggravated - angry or displeased especially because of small problems or annoyances

- guerillas - a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting

- interject - say (something) abruptly, especially as an aside or interruption

- smug - having or showing an excessive pride in oneself 

- vicious - intentionally harmful or nasty

- emphatically - to stress or put specific importance on something.

- scuffle - a short fight or argument that can be confusing

- sideswipe - a critical remark about someone or something.

- elated - when you make someone really happy.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

 Aim: to make a mashmallow shooter and work out what forces are actin gon it.

Equipment: paper clip, scissors, balloon, mashmallow.


1. cut out the bottom of the cup

2. cut off the neck of the balloon

3. stretch the open end of the balloon over the bottom of the cup

4. place marshmallow in cup

5. pull balloon back to fire marshmallow



when the marshmallow was in the cup all the forces ( thrust, friction, gravity and support) were evem a it want moving. when the marshmallow left the cup then the thust force was greater as it sped up. as it came back down to the ground then gravity and friction/ drag were the greater forces as it slowed down.


yes it worked really well. some groups taped the balloon to the side of the cup which made it more stable which i would include next time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

 meaning for discount
a deduction from the usual cost of something. usually in percentages.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Tommorow, when the war began questions

 Questions for Book

3 synonoms for 'dystopia'
- camelot
- elysium
- heaven
What is a antonym for 'dystopia'
- utopian

Questions on the book cover -

What do you think the story will be about? 
- That its about a bunch of soldiers about to go into a war
When do you think the story was set?
- from like war world 1 or 2
Why do you think the cover has soliders, barbed wire and guns?
- because of the title
Do you think the story will be interesting?
- yeah 

FILL IN THE WORDS ( chapter 1 )

1 - chronological
2 - important
3 - excited 
4 - suggested
5 - matter

1 - wimp
2 - shouting
3 - respect
4 - weakness
5 - defence 
6 - agenda
7 - budget

1 - hunters
2 - bushfires
3 - snakebite
4 - treat

FILL IN THE WORDS ( chapter 2 )

1 - track
2 - bounced
3 - wrestling 
4 - occasional 

1 - satans
2 - tangle
3 - scramble
4 - tilted
5 - scarred
6 - swearing
7 - hanging
8 - peering

1 - pretty
2 - reach
3 - secret
4 - bubbled
5 - slippery
6 - soaked
7 - lapped

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

 How did music influence the Civil Rights development? Artists and performers teamed up with ethnomusicologists and melody authorities to disperse tunes to activists, both everywhere gatherings and through distributions. 

For what reason was music such an amazing power? Music is a language of feeling in that it can speak to various emotions in manners that simply talking can't. 

Name a couple; 

- I'm A Believer - The Monkees 

- Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison 

- Let It Be - The Beatles

Friday, August 7, 2020

What is Hamilton about? Hamilton is a melodic based around the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his climb out of destitution and war. 

What is the style of the show? Hip-bounce, R&B, pop and conventional show tunes and it gives non-white entertainers a role as the establishing fathers. 

Name a character you like - I adored the lord due to the manner in which he was singing just as rapping and in light of the fact that I know the person that plays him from different musicals. 

What did you think? I really preferred it all the more then I figured I would and I was so amazed when the person who played Alexander Hamilton realized every one of his words so well and expressed them so plainly. 

I would suggest viewing the 2 hour long melodic!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

essay planning - sita

Essay Planning

- emotionally and physically stronger
- more powerful and popular - everyone knows who she is now
- begginning - caring for her sister, shy, quiet, strenth in hunting/archery, shows caring and selfless when she volunteers for prim in the reaping, values family
- middle - when she enters that games - determined, cautions - run away and hides, smart, dosent kill unless she has to, stills sees she is caring and looks after other, dosents want to use her skill to hunt others, she watched people die - her reactions are big, forms an alliance with peeta which makes them favourites and her popular in the capital, more cunning - no longer oblivious to the influence of the capital - we see when she forms alliance with peeta.
- end - angry, powerful- has power over the capital because she was going to end the games with no victor, intimmidating.

theme link to - 
hope and rebellion - starts by following the capitals ruls but by the end she stops and rebels against them.
rich vs poor - not a good choice
propaganda - she goes against the propaganda of the capital - they are fighting for glory, the capital is superior, the games are a good thung
struggle for power - in the games she was powerless, eventually she gains the power through rebellion.

thesis statement -
in gary ross's film, 'the hunger games', one way that katniss changed was by gaining power and influence in the capital. this is shown through her struggles with the themes of hope and rebellion.

Paragraph 1 - describe her at the begging in detail - clothes, make up, family, characteristics. sentence linking to theme - has no hope at the start,

paragraph 2 - decribe change in the middle in detail, link to them.